Quentin T. McPhatter, MPA, ICMA-CM

Assistant City Manager, Gastonia NC

I am writing to provide a testimonial letter regarding Catherine Bennett.   I have had the opportunity to work with Catherine for over 11 years.   I first met Catherine as a participant in the University of Georgia Management Development Program (MDP) and I found her to be knowledgeable, engaging, insightful, and energetic as it relates to the training.  Her enthusiasm for the subject matter was infectious and I found the program to be truly outstanding.

My most recent work with Catherine involves her providing executive coaching for my career, most notably in my efforts to return to my home state to be near family.  She naturally excels as an executive coach and was innovative in her strategies for success.  You have a true, detailed advocate in your corner who is very enthusiastic about her work.  Catherine will be there with you throughout the entire journey from start to finish.  

If you are searching for an executive coach or need assistance with training, then you definitely should consider Catherine Bennett.  Organizations such as International City/County Management Association (ICMA-CM), the Emerging Local Government Leaders (ELGL), and theGovernment Finance Officers Association (GFOA) have already recognized her talents as noted by her speaking engagements at their respective conferences.   She has been extremely beneficial in helping me reach my goal of working in my home state and her assistance would be an asset to anyone seeking executive coaching and/training. 

Crandall O. Jones

Municipal Administrator at Municipality of Norristown, PA

Catherine worked with Crandall O. in the same group

Trusted colleague. Generous mentor. Dynamic and talented presenter and facilitator. Exceptional professional. Advocate for excellence. Expert in organizational development. Friend for life. In the 13 years that I’ve know Catherine, the are but a few of the many facets for which I have come to appreciate her.

I first met Catherine as her client and then came to know her as a colleague at the Carl Vinson Institute of Government, where she not only warmly welcomed me but also graciously mentored me in training and facilitation. Catherine is not only a voracious learner, she is also passionate in her pursuit of compelling excellence out of people and organizations.

In my capacity as a city manager, Catherine has for years been my consultant of choice for training my teams, facilitating retreats and providing counsel in elevating my organizations. Catherine’s wit, verve and compassion come through whether she’s talking to one person or to one thousand. Through the years, I’ve had the privilege of creating with Catherine, training with her and receiving her training—Catherine’s talent always shines brightly; and, her contagious energy is like a force of nature!

I am most honored and extremely proud to give Catherine my strongest endorsement!

Shayne Kavanagh

Researcher, author, consultant on local government management

Shayne worked with Catherine but at different companies

Catherine is a very energetic and knowledgeable presenter. I had the privilege of working with her on the topics of ethics and techniques for better engaging employees in their work. This was in the context of local governments. However, both of these topics are top-of-mind (or should be) for organizations across all sectors. Catherine is just the person to help people with these two big issues.

Lisa Ward, MPA, SHRM-CP, PHR

Director, Consultant, Human Resources Leader, Jackson EMC Director, Employee Development, Training & Benefits

Lisa Ward, worked with Catherine in different groups

I am writing to provide a recommendation for Catherine Bennett. I have had the pleasure of working with many military officials, government administrators, HR professionals, consultants and trainers over the years. Catherine ranks among the very best trainers/speakers I’ve ever encountered. Her presentations are innovative, engaging and right on track to move your organization forward. She is an electrifying public speaker. She wants the audience to connect not only with the information being presented, but to search for something deeper. She has spoke to the Athens Area Society for Human Resources Management chapter (which I am President) on several occasions. People leave her sessions better and on fire! Her training style is absolutely top notch. She ensures the content is up-to-date and timely with things happening around the globe. She studies and is well-read in areas including: innovation, high performing organizations, ethics, high performing employees, succession planning, executive leadership, and employee engagement (to name a few). Her personality is infectious, she is genuine and passionate. I highly recommend that you give Catherine a call to speak at your next event, conduct your next training session, provide team building for your department or offer executive coaching to your employees. She will exceed your expectations as she has mine on many occasions.
Sincerely, Lisa Ward