I offer a variety of solutions for you or your organization.

My areas of expertise: 

- Workplace Ethics
- Recruitment and Retainment of High-Potential Talent
- 10 Ideas to Become a Talent Magnet Organization
- Leadership
- Why Women in Leadership Matters
- Tips on Powerful Public Speaking
- The Importance of Professional Networking
- The Resilience Factor
- Team Building
- Great Opportunities: The People You Haven't Met
- The Power of Leadership on Employee Engagement
- Is Your Team on the Right Seat on the Bus?
- Why Leaders Need to Pay Attention to Their "Runners"
- Things Your High-Performing Employees Long to Hear
- How Big Do You Dream?



- Keynote
- Leadership
- Ethics
- Talent development
- Interactive workshops
- Focus group facilitation
- Experience with small audiences to audiences of 500+



- Active coach: ICMA Coach Connect Program
- Active coach: League of Women in Government
- Inventor of GOV360® Assessment
- Individual development plans
- High potential to executive level employees

For all inquiries about working with me, please feel free to get in touch. I would love to hear from you and discuss how I can help you with your project. 

I also facilitate meetings and conferences, in-person or online: